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Hi, I’m Irin Naher, your local farmer and we live in Latham NY. We are in The Crossing  Park of Colonie farmers Market in 2022. Our farmers team are Irin, Surah, Hania, Masrur and Mahbub growing over 100 varieties of heirloom vegetables and flowers on half acre of land. Our farm is entirely hand tended, intensively planted, and ecologically focused. Our dedication is to growing life-giving food, building soil health, and offering food access within the city without the need of a car. We are passionate about growing delicious food and nurturing the community around us. We never use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and committed to growing ethical, sustainable and healthy food. It’s a small ‘direct to community homestead’ farm that offers free home delivery service and wholesale packaging and pricing to restaurants and retail grocery anywhere in the WNY Area.

We specialize in growing 4 tasty varieties of nutrient-dense 100% naturally grown microgreens and all kinds of chemical free that are research proven to have countless potential health benefits.

#Boosts immune system #Reduce chronic disease risk #Weight loss #Reduce Inflammation #Improves gut health #Improves Brain, Skin, Eye health and many more…

Message us on cell 646.683.6714 if you’re interested in having microgreens delivered to your doorstep every week. 

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